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Music @ Central

Music has always gone hand-in-hand with Christian worship, and is emphasized and brought to fruition here at Central by the extraordinary gifts and talents of our members. We are blessed to have many opportunities for people to participate actively, or simply enjoy the rich musical heritage of the church.

Music is vital to our worship experience here at Central. We invite you to join us as we lift our voices and instruments to God each week in joyful song!

Contact Ed Alstrom, our Organist/Music Director, to see how you can be a part of this exciting and meaningful ministry.

Access our music library here:

Singers and Instrumentalists

Singers are most welcome to join our Chancel Choir, which leads worship most every Sunday. Instrumentalists are often called on to help worship on a regular basis, and for special worship services and concerts.  Please let us know if you would like to use your creative singing or 'non-singing' gifts to invigorate our Music Ministry, and enjoy this wonderful means of fellowship, camaraderie, and fun.

​We regularly embark on new phases of music ministry, and always look to grow our program here at Central. We are starting up new ventures and ensembles all the time! The plan is for there to be meaningful, highly competent, soulful and diverse music in worship throughout the year, and groups that can take advantage of any opportunity, be it in the church or the community at large.

Our Pipe Organ

Central Presbyterian Church is blessed with a marvelous pipe organ with an interesting history. Its original incarnation was built by the venerable E.M. Skinner firm in 1921. It was then modified by Aeolin-Skinner in 1948, adding a Solo division. It was then completely rebuilt by Austin in 1957, retaining only the Solo division from the previous organ. Much of the original Skinner organ wound up at another church in NJ, but the Austin with the fabulous sounding Skinner Solo division has remained virtually unchanged since it was built. Combined with the wonderful reverberant acoustical space we have, it creates a mighty and beautiful sound.

More detailed information and an original stoplist is available here.

Photos by Lisa Raphael, Gwen Charles, and the Congregation

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