Advent 2021


Advent Events

The Chancel Choir sings We Wait (Advent to Do) by Music Director

Edward Alstrom. Video montage by Dave Arndt. (5:49 mins.)

2nd Sunday of Advent

December 5, 10 am

w/ Rev. Edward Baugh


3rd Sunday of Advent

December 12, 10 am

w/ Rev. Edward Baugh


4th Sunday of Advent

Christmas Pageant

December 19, 10 am

w/ Rev. Debra Given


Christmas Eve

Candlelight Service

Friday, December 24, 5 pm

w/ Elder Kirk Woodward

Organ prelude 4:45 pm


Christmas Pageant

December 19, 10 am

We invite all children who want to participate in the pageant to arrive at church ten minutes early on Sunday the 19th to select a costume. During the "Time with Young Disciples" they will be invited forward to sit on a front pew. Rev. Given will read the Christmas story as the children create a tableau of the manger scene. Afterward, a shepherd will guide the K-5 children to Sunday School.

  • Masks required indoors

  • Read Full Protocols

Watercolor Butterfly 18

Central in Transition

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Grow in Faith with Central:

Our Interim Pastor Search Committee (IPSC) received numerous qualified applications. Interviews have since taken place... Read more