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Links to sample sermons are shown for reading online, or to download and read at your convenience. 

2017-10-29 21st Sunday after Pent. A (Be Still and Know)

2017-10-22 20 Sunday after Pent.A (Who Are You)

2017-09-17 15th S after pentecost A (Not Fair! The Math of Forgiveness)

2017-09-03 sermon 13th S after pentecost a (Creating Community)

2017-07-30 Pentecost A (Broken - Good News for Tough Times - Inseparable)

2017-07-23 Pentecost A (Broken - Good News for Tough Times - Labor Pains)

2017-04-23 (Closer and Closer Reach Out and Touch Someone)

2017-04-16 EASTER (Two Marys)

2017-04-09 Palm Sunday Lent A BOOTCAMP Celebration

2017-04-02 Lent A5 BOOTCAMP Dead Ends

2017-03-26 Lent A4 BOOTCAMP Redefined

2017-03-19 Lent A3 BOOTCAMP Hydrate

2017-03-12 Lent A2 BOOTCAMP Reset

2017-03-05 Lent A1 BOOTCAMP Need for Change

2016-10-09 Pentecost C21(A Letter from God)

2016-10-02 Pentecost C20 (Music to Our Ears)

2016-09-25 pentecost c19 (Handling Our Wealth)

2016-09-18 pentecost c18 (Tears)

2016-09-11 pentecost c17 (Which One of You)

2016-08-28 Pentecost c15 (Hierarchies)

2016-08-14 pentecost c13  (The Fire Jesus Brings)

2016-08-07 Pentecost C12 (Little Flock)

2016-07-17 Pentecost C9 (Continuous Partial Attention)

2016-06-26 (Discernment)

2016-06-12 Pentecost C4 (Roundabout)​

2016-05-29 Pentecost C2 ("Limping")

2016-04-24 Easter C5 ("Stories")

2016-04-17 Easter C4 (The Lord Is My Shepherd)

2016-04-10 Easter C3 (Joy Comes in the Morning)

2016-04-03  Easter C2 (The gift of faith)

Sunday, March 27  Easter:  “Walking with Hope”

Sunday, March 20  Palm Sunday: “Walking with Jesus: The Final Week”

Sunday, March 13: "Walking with Jesus: Loving the Unloved”

Sunday, March 6:  “Walking with Jesus: Calming the Storm”

Sunday, February 28:  “Walking with Jesus: What’s Under Your Feet?”

Sunday, February 21: "Walking with Jesus: Healed and Healing"

Sunday, February 14th:  "Tested"

2016-02-21 (series Walking with Jesus - 2 - Healed and Healing).pdf

2016-02-14 (series Walking with Jesus - Tested).pdf

2016-02-07 Transfiguration Sunday (Worthy and Glorified).pdf

2016-01-31 (Celebration Sunday).pdf

2016-01-24 (God's Powerful Word).pdf

2016-01-10 Baptism of the Lord c (Shaking the Church).pdf

2015-12-13 Advent c3 (Commanding Joy).pdf

2015-12-06 Advent c2 (Who's Who Lists).pdf

2015-11-29 Advent c1 (Anhelo, Come Lord Jesus!).pdf

2015-10-11 (Gratitude and Giving).pdf

2015-10-04 (Lift up your hearts).pdf

2015-09-27 (Mercy and Togetherness).pdf

2015-09-20 (Remember the Little People).pdf

2015-09-13 (Stars and Crosses).pdf

2015-09-06 (Pentecost B15).pdf

2015-08-30 (Pentecost B14).pdf

2015-08-02 (Pentecost B10).pdf

2015-06-28 (Pentecost B5).pdf

2015-06-14 (Pentecost B3).pdf

2015-06-07 (Pentecost).pdf

2015-05-31 (Trinity Sunday).pdf

2015-05-24 (Pentecost).pdf

2015-05-17 (New Beginnings).pdf

2014-04-27 (Easter A2 - David Noble).pdf

2014-03-30 (Before and After).pdf

2014-03-14 (Jack Smiley).pdf

2014-01-19 (Bob Pryor).pdf

2013-12-22 (Samuel Adams).pdf

2013-12-01 (Samuel Adams).pdf

2013-11-17 (Samuel Adams).pdf

2013-10-31 (Samuel Adams).pdf

2013-10-13 (Exile).pdf

2013-09-29 (Futures).pdf

2013-08-21 (Martha or Mary).pdf

2013-07-13 (Spirit Seed Co).pdf

2013-06-23 (Sound Silence).pdf

2013-06-20 (Tale).pdf

2013-06-02 (Faith ConversationUnexpected).pdf

2013-06-02 (Faith Conversation).pdf

2013-04-07 (Come See what God has Done).pdf

2013-03-17 (I Am About to Do a New Thing).pdf

2013-02-24 (Hold On to the Promise).pdf

2013-01-20 (Gifts Abound).pdf

2012-12-16 (Love is a Verb).pdf

2012-12-09 (One Word).pdf

2012-08-29 (Loaves in Abundance).pdf

2012-08-22 (God's Unlikely Chosen) .pdf

2012-08-19 (Transforming Wisdom).pdf

2012-08-12 (Unity in the Body).pdf

2012-08-05 (Soul Food).pdf

2012-07-15 (Spiritual Blindness).pdf

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