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Annual Pledge 2023

Due by November 27, 2022

Dear Friends,


Re-connecting is something most all of us do on a daily basis with our various electronic devices – we plug in our phones, laptops, and tablets; we re-connect with internet and satellite networks. This fall, at Central Presbyterian Church, we are seeking to “re-connect” with God and with the body of Christ that is our church while at the same time Central is reconnecting with our community in ministry and mission.


This year’s “Re-Connecting” 2023 Stewardship Campaign presents an opportunity for us all to re-connect through our giving of our time, talent, and treasure. At its best, such spiritually-based giving is a two-way street. Or as St. Francis of Assisi put it, “For it is in giving that we most truly receive.” 

It is time for each of us to reconsider that support for Central and communicate that through our pledges. Financial pledges are a statement of intent of how each of us will support the work of the church. Pledges of time, talent and financial support assist Central leaders in planning for the work of the church - glorifying God through worship, nurture and service to all people. As we make a pledge, we demonstrate our commitment to care for what we love. 

Please remember, that the church is all of us, it is not a building of brick and mortar that we are giving to, but to God, who’s blessed us with each other. 


We are grateful for your participation at Central Church and honored you would bless us with your generosity.   Because of people like you, we are able to respond to God’s call and carry out the day-to-day ministries of this congregation.  In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, he states:   God loves it when the giver delights in the giving. (2 Corinthians 9:7, The Message).  We hope you will consider making a pledge. Gifts are always appreciated – even without a pledge. But, pledges are important for us to meet our budget, and fulfill God’s call to carry out the various ministries of our church.  

We invite you to complete the on-line form by November 27th.  We appreciate your prayerful consideration of participating in our stewardship campaign.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.


Blessings and Peace,


The Stewardship and Finance Committee

Emma Justice (

Cecil Mitchell (

Peter Dancy (

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